Running & Reindeer: TYF Delegates Race through Oslo

It’s easy to spot them. The team members revolve around glowing iPads in the dark, like planets around so many blue-white suns. Gallery post!



Telenor Youth Forum’s 2016 delegates are exploring their host city. And what better way to break the (figurative) ice than to take a million “ussies” and ride one another piggyback around the statue of King Karl Johan?



At some of Oslo’s loveliest landmarks, the teams complete tasks, answer questions and record videos. With points up for grabs at every turn, the competition leads to giggles and groans up and down Karl Johans gate.



Along the way, the TYF delegates visit the Royal Palace, Parliament and the Christmas Market.



Norway, for her part, offered some of the mildest “winter” weather on recent record. The spotlight of the moon hangs over the graceful white shoulder of Oslo’s Opera House… as one group belts out the high notes of A-Ha’s “Take on Me” for a video challenge.



When the race ends, the group hops a bus up the mountain to Holmenkollen. We pass the iconic Holmenkollen ski jump, illuminated by white lights. A few minutes later, we arrive at Lavvo, named after the tents used by Norway’s native Sami people–reindeer farmers–in the country’s far north. We sit on thick, soft reindeer pelts around a roaring fire and consume reindeer stew over rice.




The Nobel Peace Center’s Liv Astrid Sverdrup shares the history of Alfred Nobel and the Peace Prize. Firelight increases drama, and her story takes on the flickering heat of legend.

Full of good food, wine, and the afterglow of laughter with new friends, we walk through the night back to the bus. Careful on the graveled ice. The city lights of Oslo sparkle white-purple far below us.

Photos: Ihne Pedersen

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